Welcome to TCR Automotive and Performance of Tucson, Arizona.
Our Mission:
To ensure the success of our customers, providing the highest quality performance services and products available in Tucson and Southern Arizona. Because we are a local Tucson automotive shop, we can provide a quality of service beyond the big national chains.

Our Promise:
We absolutely refuse to BS anyone with unrealistic marketing hype or the magazine fluff that the large performance manufacturers and warehouses create. We promise to provide you, our customers, with straight talk and straight answers regarding all of your auto performance and maintenance needs.

We Know High Performance:
As our customer, you will always receive unbiased "NO BS" technical information and expert mechanical services. You will NOT find us contributing to the bull, and probable out and out lies found in the typical performance magazine articles. You WILL find us working on engine development and engine component optimization. We own and operate both engine and chassis dyno's utilizing custom Land & Sea data acquisition equipment, our flow bench is capable of 1000 CFM, we employ 5 axis CNC machining for our cylinder head porting on a daily basis, NOT on a yearly basis. We do not use air driven porting equipment, nor do we use constant shape changing sand rolls.

We offer praise to manufactures that continue to produce quality products, and we have no issues contacting a manufacture and informing them they produce crap when warranted.


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